In 1994, the company became the limited liability company "Lielzeltiņi" and produced its first batch of products. This is the year when the "BAUSKA" high-quality meat product brand was launched. In 1994, LLC "Lielzeltiņi" acquired 22 hen-houses, restoring the equipment in line with the agriculture trends of that time.

During the first years of operations, the company could provide jobs to 40 employees. LLC "Lielzeltiņi" works in line with its mission – to produce and sell quality, safe meat made in Latvia, as well as  wholesome and balanced fodder for animals.

In 2001, a new slaughterhouse was built. The recycling facility was equipped with new devices. The facility is engaged in recycling  production waste according to the requirements of the European normative acts as regards to environmental protection. The last modernisation of the slaughterhouse was performed in 2010 and it allowed the company to increase its capacity for processing birds.

In 2000, the company introduced a new brand: "Latvijas lauku lepnums" ("Pride of the Latvian countryside"). It was promoted at the company’s stores "BAUSKA" all over Latvia.

In the end of 2002, a centre for processing orders was established; the logistics centre also started its operations, which increased the delivery speed of meat products to end users significantly:this included deliveries to the central and more distant regions of Latvia.

In 2004, according to the results of a study, a decision was made to establish a meat processing department for the purpose of production of premade products. The assortment produced with the support of the European Union funds, includes "Nagetes" (Nuggets), "Burgeri" (Burgers), "Šniceles" (Schnitzels), "Frikadeles" (Meat balls), "Cepamās desiņas" (Grill sausages) and "Kotletes no broilera gaļas" (Broiler meat croquettes).

In 2005, a new and modern mixed feed factory was built. The factory produces high-quality granulated mixed feed in the form of crumbs, as well as protein and vitamin concentrates for birds and other live-stock animals. The company purchases 35–40 thousand tons of wheat from Latvian farmers per year, thereby contributing to the social and economic development of the region.

In 2008, the biological purification plant was put into operation. The plant is unique in Latvia. In 2008, the microbiology laboratory was certified; it controls the production process of the company. Five qualified specialists work at the laboratory. The certified laboratory allows ensuring continuous compliance control of each production cycle.

In 2011, LLC "Lielzeltiņi" implemented the SAPARD project and attracted co-financing from the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF) in the amount of 2.58 million euro for construction of the mixed feed plant.

Currently, the production cycle in Bauska complies with the European normative acts, including bird breeding, the mixed feed factory, the incubator, the two zones with hen-houses, slaughterhouses and purification plants, as well as the microbiological laboratory.

The Riga processing facility is engaged in meat processing and the production of semi-finished products, as well as 30 different types of ready-for-consumption products. The order processing and logistics centre also works in Riga. It ensures effective deliveries of LLC "Lielzeltiņi" products to stores in Latvia, as well as to the largest store chains in Latvia. The company is successfully exporting its products to the European countries.

Currently, there are 36 hen-houses in the territory of the company. The hen-houses are equipped in line with the standards for the European poultry farming companies and include computerised control devices to ensure optimal mode, to breed high-quality broilers in 39 days.

Currently, LLC “Lielzeltiņi” and JSC “Ķekava” are merging to join the agricultural holding company "Linas Agro Group" that is the holder of controlling interest in both the local producers.