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Ltd. Lielzeltiņi has been dynamically developing for 17 years, becoming one of the leading poultry breeding in the Baltics. We work as a creative, well-consolidated team, and we have implemented our goal. A modern poultry breeding company was established by Bauska city, in the area of more than 30 hectares, with its business oriented at both Latvian and foreign markets, and presently we export our products to six European States.

To improve the production processes, we invested the European Foundation money, with the investment totally amounting to more than ten million lats. Thus, we introduced the latest European technologies for poultry breeding. We also ensured strict internal self-control in the course of the whole production cycle, which guarantees quality and safety of products. Ltd. Lielzeltiņi product quality, safety and process conformity control is provided by the accredited laboratory of the company.

Poultry breeding is concentrated in Bauska, up-to-date livestock feed production facilities and modern slaughterhouse are built there. In Riga processing workshop, products are processed; there is also a packing and logistics centre preparing 30 various types of products, including products which validity term is equal to one month, thanks to the progressive packing technologies widely applied there. Products are delivered to Ltd. Lielzeltiņi shops throughout Latvia and the largest trading chains of Latvia within the shortest terms, with Latvian Agriculture Honour trademark creating their image.

Ltd. Lielzeltiņi is a prize-winner in the most popular competition among farmers Sower organized in 2004.

Total turnover for 2010 is 16  million lats
Number of employees: 375.
Poultry in poultry houses: 600 thousand
Production volume: 8000 tons of fowl per year
There have been invested more than 10 million lats for 17 years of the company’s existence to improve our business.

Ltd. Lielzeltiņi mission is to produce and sell qualitative and safe fowl of Latvian origin.
To be honest, to increase the company and Latvian economic strength.
To work with initiative, for each employee to manifest himself creatively and with responsibility.
In conducting a coordinated business, to promote production development, to ensure client’s trust.
To consider the prospects, while implementing everything new in the poultry industry.
Vision – to strengthen and popularize the company brand Latvian Agriculture Honour.

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